Search, Rescue and Recovery.

With over 1,500 missions completed, we provide training and response in the search, rescue and recovery (SRR) of lost and missing persons.  Our SRR services include:

  • Lost Persons Missions (dead or alive)
  • Missing Persons Missions (dead or alive) 
  • Training (through our award-winning training program)

    • Ground Personnel - Wilderness Search and Rescue Course

    • Command Personnel – Managing a Lost or Missing Person Incident

    • K9 Teams – Seminars and Workshops for Trailing, Area Search and Human Remains Detection Work

    • Miscellaneous - Land Navigation Course, Basic and Advanced

  • The search for lost/missing persons, both dead and alive, in all types of situations including wilderness, urban, water and disaster
    • Missing Persons – Search for fugitives and lost non-fugitive persons.

    • Human Remains – Search for human remains, body parts, evidence, etc.  

We do not charge to search for lost and missing persons.  These services are supported by donations provided to our 501(c)3, known as K9 Search & Rescue Specialists, Inc.  It has operated since April 1993. 

All donations are 100% tax deductible and 100% of the funds go to search efforts.

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