The Marley Legacy Award

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Our Awards. 

Recognized for our excellence and for our commitment to our clients, we have received the following awards:

                                                   Legacy Award Winner

                                                               For Saving Lives and Solving Missing Persons Cases

                                                   Training Award Winner

                                                               For Outstanding Innovative Adult Training Program



                                                   Governor's Award Nominee

                                                               For Exceptional Public Service To The Community



                                                   Award For Excellence

                                                              Citizens Merit Award For Excellence

                                                   Hall of Fame Winner

                                                               Georgia Animal Hall of Fame for Saving Lives 



                                                   Spotlight Achiever Award

                                                               Outstanding Spotlight Achiever Award to Saving Lives



                                                   First Certified Team, GBI-GBRT

                                                               First Certified HRD K9 Team for GBI-GBRT Program


                                                   Golden Rule Award

                                                              Exceptional Service to the Community


                                                   First Georgia K9 Team

                                                              First Licensed K9 Team and First Disaster K9 Team Certified  in the State of Georgia


                                                   Award Winning Story

                                                              Amazing True Story Hero Award

                                                   Phillips Award Winner 

                                                              Promoting and Teaching Kindness and Compassion to Animals