Emergency Management Services.   

We provide services and support for the 5 cycles of emergency management.  They include the following:

1.  Prevention:  Empowering organizations to assess their strengths and weakness in order to reduce the loss of life

     and physical assets through the following services:

        -- Vulnerability Assessments

        -- Threat Assessments

2.  Preparedness:  Ensuring organizations and communities are prepared and are in a state of readiness for incidents

     and disasters through the following services:

       -- Plans / Policies

       -- Standard Operating Procedures

3.  Response:  Validates prevention and preparedness activities to ensure organizations and communities confidently

     respond to an incident or disaster.  We support the following:

        -- Personnel Response

        -- Equipment Needs

        -- Supply Chains


4.  Recovery:  Restoring critical functions to stabilize day-to-day services and increase the capacity to serve a community

     after an incident or disaster. We support the following:

       -- Essential Life Services

       -- Community Needs

       -- Business Continuity


5.  Mitigation:  Reducing the loss of life and physical assets to lessen the effects of an incident or disaster on

     organizations and the community through the following services:

       -- Target Hardening

       -- Personal Protection



“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

    — Scott Belsky