About Us. 

It starts with our name.  When we started our company, the name was carefully chosen to convey to our clients who we are, what we stand for, and how you – our client - will be treated.  The name and our company's philosophy includes:

High standards, realistic and practical. 

Open, honest and stands by his word. 

Walks a path calmly, always seeking to progress. 

Strong-willed and a hard worker. 

Very responsible and can be counted on. 

Analytical mind with excellent memory.

Fiercely loyal and faithful.  Seeks peace and harmony.

You are not a case file or a client number to us.  We understand that when you need our assistance, your project is a propriety to you, or to your organization.  Our goal is to offer services with real results while providing you with professional, competent, caring and dedicated team members that empower you to be prepared now and into the future.

Company Profile.

*  Certified Woman-owned Company

*  Licensed through the Georgia State Board of Security Companies and Private Investigators. 

*  Credentialed by TLOx Credentialing

*  Certified through the National Inventory Certification Association

*  Inspected by TrendSource







of Excellence








Our Team. 

As Executive Level Team Members, these members set the foundation for our company's standard of excellence, integrity, professionalism, and dedication to our customers and employees.


   Tracy"Trace" Sargent

         President / CEO

    Ralph D. Reichert

         Vice President



    Robert Browning

 Director of Operations




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